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  • Papermaking

    raw water、sealing water、coating liquid、white water、starch、shower water, etc
  •  Paint and Coatings

    Suspension 、enamel fiber、paint congealment、particle、impurity
  • Dyeing

    raw water、dye、waste water recycling ,etc
  •  Metal Work

    cooling cycle system、nozzle、cutting liquid 、cleaning liquid 、rare metal recycling、preprocess
  • Water Treatment

    groundwater、limescale、waste water、raw water、pre-protection of UF、pre-protection of RO
  • Municipal

    Standpipe of the house、piped water of the apartment、spray system on the grass、fountain filtration
  • Steel Industry

    cooling water
  • Power Plant

    cooling water、sealing water
  • Agricultural Irrigation

    raw water、spray system
  • Chemical

    cooling cycle system、pre-protection of heat exchangers、catalyst recycling, etc
  • Other

    electroplating industry 、pharmaceutical industry、electronics industry、ink industry、petroleum industry、petroleum refining industry、mining industry、automobile industry、food and beverage industry、desalination of sea water ,etc