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CJS Single Filter
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The high quality and economical filtering equipment that we offer is different from other filtering models on the market today. 95% of our product parts are made with strong, durable, long-lasting stainless steel, giving our products a much longer life cycle than other similar products on the market. After many years of practical experience, absorbing precious feedback from our clients, and constantly adding design improvements, we have developed for our clients the most industrial friendly filter, with streamline design, impeccable quality, and convenient operation-- CJS single filters.

1. Fast installation and uninstallation: All you have to do is use the gripper or flange in-

    outlet to easily install or uninstall the unit.
2. Low rate of wear: Because we use only stainless steel material with almost none

   consuming, also the life span of our filter screens is much longer than other

3. High efficiency: With the wedge-wire design of our stainless steel screens, the opening

    rate of our filters are higher by 20% to 30% when compared with traditional filters.
4. Easy to maintain: We choose a design that is both easy to operate and maintain, all

    you have to do is regularly basic cleaning and maintenance of the machine body.