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CJM Multiple Filter
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The design of this model can parallel connect by using a set of two or more CJS single filters and manual ball valves. The operation is easy, and is labor-saving.The feature of this model lies in the fact when in use, even if one or more sets of filters become clogged or the rating of filtering is unsatisfactory, all that needs to be done is to use a backup filter screen to change the screen of the filter(s). You do not need to turn off the whole system to clean the screen. After this simple procedure you can quickly return to normal operation, keeping a high rate of efficiency.



1. High processing amount: With multi-tube design you can adjust the combination of the

   filters to suit your actual processing needs.
2. Backwash function: We use manual operating backwash system to clean the screens.

3. Constant filtering: Because of the multi-tube system, you do not need to turn off the

    whole system when using the backwash function.
4. Highly labor-saving: There is no need to have workers operate and monitor. Simple

   operation process makes you save large amount on labor cost.
5. Easy to maintain: We choose a design that is both easy to operate and maintain, all

   you have to do is regularly basic cleaning and maintenance of the machine body.