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KS Filter press
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Press material of high concentrations into the filter chamber by the high-pressure pneumatic diaphragm pump. Then produce solidified filter cake and clear filtrate by high-pressure dehydration. The osmotic pressure of the filter press can be up to 6-7 kg per square centimeter. It is available to produce 50-75% filter cake according to their product and process characteristics.

1.Good effects of dehydration and reduction (65% to 75%) and lower costs of follow-up

2.Less power consumption, liquid agents are not absolutely needed, lower operating costs.
3.A wide range of application, feeding concentration is acceptable within 2~10%.
4.The filter cloth is not easy for blocking but easy to clean with little water consumption.
5.Parts are good quality with rigorous testing, so equipment failure rate is low.
6.Short filter pressing time improves treating capacity.

1.Product:KS Filter Press

2.Type: Transmission type (semi-automatic)

3.Model: KS-50-10

4.Moisture content of compressed filter cake: <70~80% Depending on the concentration

   and properties of liquid.

5.Filtration area:3.3m2

6.Filter cake volume:49L