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PLC Automatic Backwashing Filter
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  • Inside Backwash System
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We choose the design of inside backwash which can make the whole system filter constantly without being affected by the backwashing, and maintain the high filtration efficiency.





The unfiltered liquid enters through the inlet at the bottom of the equipment and is distributed evenly to each filter. After constantly filtering, the impurities accumulate on the surface of the screens, and the pressure difference increases gradually. When the pressure difference reaches 0.5~1.5bar, the system will automatically start to backwash.



The backwash system starts by (1) “Pressure Differential Detection” and (2) “Timer Control”.These two mechanisms always work corresponsively. The pressure differential detection works according to the clogging condition of screen, and the Timer control works regularly. Both of them work together to make up a perfect backwash system.

1. High processing amount: With multi-tube design you can adjust the combination of    

    the filters to suit your actual processing needs.
2. Backwash function: We use both Timer and pressure differential detection to      

    automatically clean the screens.
3. Constantly filtering: Because of the multi-tube system, you can backwash one by  one

    and do not need to turn off the whole system when using the backwash function.
4. Fully automatic control system: By using the PLC program controls andhuman-  

   machine interface, the system can work automatically after setting.
5. Highly labor-saving: There is no need to have workers operate and monitor. Simple  

   operation process makes you save large amount on labor cost.
6. Easy to maintain: It is automatic cleaning designed. All you have to do is to clean  and

    maintain the machine body regularly.